Web App Interaction Design

🧑 3 people

🛠️ Co-Product designer with a focus of UX research+ Interaction design

🕒 Aug 2020 - Nov 2020

(12 weeks)

🧰 Remote UX Research, Data Analysis, Prototyping, Usability Testing, UI Design

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What is Gabtab?

An invite-only group messaging responsive web app that allows the group to nominate a fun & healthy challenge for all members

Forwarding messages between groups

Forwarding messages between groups


Keep Melburnians aged 40+ mentally-healthy by staying connected with their loved ones in a strict lockdown

Melbourne's Stage 4 lockdown was one of the strictest lockdowns around the world.

Consequently, many mature-aged adults aged 40+ mental & physical health spiralled during that time.

The high-level goals of this project were

My Role

I collaborated remotely with a UX & a Visual designer in a team of 3. The design process is end-to-end but my focus points were

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