Just a small-town boy a Product/UX designer, living social distancing in Melbourne, Australia

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🛠️ Love to create digital products/services that don’t make you want to break things after using them

👨‍🎓 B.Des in UX Interaction Design (Class of June 2021)

🔍 Currently honing my design crafts in Conversational AI (aka Chatbots 🤖)

🏠 Catch me in the kitchen making to-die-for avocado risotto while listening to a business tech podcast, how bout that?

🛠️ What I've designed

Building a sustainability-orientated volunteers community with Web App Interaction Design

University Project at Swinburne University


Read about this project ▶️

Empower literacy teachers to innovate their teaching with Web App Interaction Design

Commercial Project


Read about this project ▶️

Helping Melburnians aged 40+ stay connected in lockdown with Web App Interaction Design

University Project at Swinburne University


Read about this project ▶️

✏️ What I've written

A collection of my articles published on UX Design Collective on Medium

How to Create a Budget Guerilla & Remote UX research during COVID-19

6 mins read

How to conduct budget guerilla remote UX research during COVID-19




R.E.C.T.R - A Universal UX Emergency Action Plan for Everyone

6 mins read

RECTR: A universal UX emergency action plan for everyone

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